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david doesn’t wanna get up…


david doesn’t wanna get up…

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Sugar Dick

Anonymous said: First time you sucked dick. Describe it, who was it with, ect ;3


Erm… You know I actually can’t think.

The last one I remember was back in school with my friend Luke, someone outed him in school and I asked if it was true, we used to blow each other often, we’d intentionally go on class trips together just so we could slip-away and suck each other off in the nearby woods or whatever, we actually got caught once which was kind of irritating but nothing came of it thank god.

He was pretty big, about 8” roughly, I can’t remember, it was always through his fly as he used to intentionally go commando and we just used to give it about 30 seconds, pack up and move on… Then, we’d linger behind the pack and kiss a little and carry on… Somewhere before we made the full loop of our trip we’d run back a bit and we’d finish up and cum in each other’s mouths, swallow it and then run as fast as we could back with a huge smile on our faces.

Descriptive enough?



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